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What is Pick Yo Mix all about?

Pick Yo Mix was originally launched in late 2019, just a few months before the UK was hit with the COVID pandemic. For some businesses, especially startups, this could have been the worst timing ever, however, fortunately for pick and mix sweets, the UK went mad for the retro classics and Pick Yo Mix grew fast.

Pick n mix delivery became a big business during 2020-2021 as a large percentage of the population were sitting at home, either working or looking after their family.

Pick Yo Mix became known for high quality sweets, delivered promptly in shiny packaging. They developed a very active and loyal social media following on Instagram and gained plenty of great reviews from customers.

During COVID times, Pick Yo Mix thrived and expanded into new premises, they also hired more staff to help pick and pack the large volumes of orders.

Websites such as the LadBible and Hitched featured the brand in articles and the famous blogger Lily Pebbles mentioned Pick Yo Mix on her popular podcast.

When COVD restrictions began to relax in the summer of 2021, order volumes dropped significantly. Maybe this was to be expected? However, as a new business that had experienced fast growth it hit the company hard and other companies such as Sweetzy, Candy works & You pick we mix were able to weather the storm far better.

The original founders of Pick Yo Mix decided to cease trading after months of attempting to make the business work, we were able to acquire the brand and turn it into what you see today.

A destination to find the best pick and mix boxes in the UK and offer our visitors exclusive discounts not available on other websites.

By leveraging the brand and user base built over the past 3 years, we’re now in a great position to offer even better savings on pick and mix sweets online.

Our team works hard to keep our social media fully updated with fun, engaging content and our emails now list the best discounts on retro sweets you’ll find anywhere in the UK.

We have big plans for Pick Yo Mix and although the change has been big, from selling sweets directly to becoming a directory of pick and mix discounts, we hope our community will see the value in our brand and what we have to offer.

Sourcing discounts can be a really time consuming job, searching Google, trawling through Instagram, Facebook or even TikTok. Our aim at Pick Yo Mix is to become the number one website in the UK for deals on sweets.


The range of pick and mix sweets has grown over the years, the most popular selection, dating back to the original pick and mix sweets from early 1909 are as follows.
  1. Lemon bonbons
  2. Shrimps
  3. Cola bottles
  4. Fizzy cola bottles
  5. Sherbert lemons
  6. Fizzy bubblegum bottles
  7. Candy cones
  8. Fruit Salads
  9. Black Jacks
  10. White mice
  11. Chocolate raisins
  12. Milk bottles
  13. Jelly beans
  14. Jelly babies
  15. Pint pots
  16. Fish and chips
  17. Spinning tops
  18. Strawberry bonbons
  19. Cola cubes
  20. Pineapple cubes
  21. Coconut mushrooms
  22. Foam bananas
  23. White chocolate snowies
  24. Milk chocolate jazzies
  25. Dolly mixture
  26. Wine gums
  27. Fried eggs
  28. Gobstoppers
  29. Love hearts
  30. Pear drops
  31. Aniseed balls
  32. Gummy bears
Pick and mix sweets come in a variety of sizes based on weight. Usually pick and mix is sold in grams, ranging between 180-2000 grams, depending on where you buy your sweets from. One of the most popular sizes of pick and mix in 2022 is 1KG (1,000 grams).
Yes, pick n mix is still a very popular treat for many people around the world, especially in the United Kingdom. Since the growth of online shopping, you can now get your pick n mix delivered directly to your door in 24 hours.
Pick and mix is known as a very British thing, however not many people know that it was originally created in America. Pick n mix is commonly named penny candy in America.
Pick and mix is a generic term used to describe pick and mix sweets which is simply the process of choosing your own bag of sweets from a range of retro style penny sweets that dates back to the early 1900’s.
Pick and mix was invented by Frank Woolworth, a successful entrepreneur from New York, USA. Frank founded Woolworth’s which eventually became the UK’s largest and most successful retail chain selling pick and mix sweets. At its peak, Woolworths operated 1,141 stores nationwide.